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His Father's Family
Walter Cleon TaylorBorn:  25 May 1895 in Salem, UT

Married Louise Hanks - 14 Jan 1914 in Salt Lake City, Utah
Died 21 Sept 1942 in Salem, UT  (train accident)

His Mother's Family


The Story of Walter Cleon Taylor

Born: 25 May 1894 Salem, UT
Died: 21 September 1941 at Salem, UT
Father: Walter Evan Taylor
Mother: Zenteta Curtis

Married Louise Hanks
14 January 1914
Salem, UT

Louise Hanks
Born: 29 June 1894 - Salem, UT
Died: 1 February 1971 - Payson, UT

Lloyd Walter Taylor, 4 April 1915, Salem, UT
Ruby Taylor, 30 Sept 1916, Salem, UT
Clifton Ray Taylor, 20 March 1918, Salem, UT
Mary Taylor, 26 December 1921, McCormick, UT
Rex Taylor, 27 February 1923,
McCormick, UT
Louise Taylor, 15 November 1924, McCormick, UT
Lester Taylor, 24 May 1929, Delta, UT

Walter Cleon Taylor - Louise Hanks (m. 1914)
Walter Evan Taylor - Zenetta Curtis (m.1893)
Evan Taylor - Jarmelia Scott (m 1867)
James A. Taylor - Nancy Jane Hiatt (m. 1830)
Benjamin Taylor - Nancy Williams (1803)
Jarrot Scott - Permelia Thomas
William Frederick Curtis - Sarah Alice Higgins (1872)
Lyman Curtis - Charlotte Alvord
Nelson Higgins - Sarah Blackman


A Tribute to the Character of Clee Taylor

by Lavina D. Ottesen

Clee and Lou Taylor are special people in my life. Memory
carries me back to January 14, 1914 when Clee and Lou, and Andrew and I were married in the Salt Lake Temple. Since then, that date has been dear to all our hearts. After living else where for a number of years, we welcomed them with great  joy to Salem to live.

We have enjoyed them as neighbors and to our joy and
satisfaction their eldest daughter married our eldest son.
So in later years we have been drawn closer in our association together. We have enjoyed our two little grandchildren with equal love and consideration.

Clee and Lou have shown wonderful wisdom in solving all difficulties that naturally arise in adjusting new relationships.
I have always found Clee, quiet and understanding, honest, hardworking and trustworthy; always a willing listener.

Gifted with a sense of humor, a characteristic that made him
outstanding, he said little, but what he did say he made it
count. Very humble and appreciative and he was dependable
and sympathetic. Clee live the golden rule, so he was not
found wanting. Fair in his dealings, he figured everyone was
the same toward him. If he ever found out differently he never made mention of it.

His courageous wife and family of lovely children are the reward of his life's mission. Lou has stood by his side through thick and thin, through joy and sorrow. There must be an unfilled mission on the "other side" to great for his father and son, Lloyd, to accomplish without the aid of the priesthood and so I feel that Clee was taken to help carry on a greater work than was outlined for him here on Earth. Our Heavenly Father know of Clee's ability to cope with problems that requires wisdom and understanding. And so he was called home.

May our Heavenly Father bless all who are sorrowing at this
time and the character of Clee Taylor be a cherished memory
to all who knew him.

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